Tacoma, WA Fireplaces


Most agree that outdoor fireplaces are awesome. Who wouldn’t want to head over to your place and enjoy the great outdoors of Renton, WA and surrounding areas? It’s gorgeous and is most definitely a stunning feature that can be yours! Whether it’s in your backyard patio, or inside your living room, the fireplace is a feature that everyone in the family loves.

You may find that your current fireplace needs updating,  that it just doesn’t fit in with your tastes nor with the feel in your home or is simply outdated. We are here for you! We know it can be frustrating to look at this feature of the house you’ve just bought, or have had for a time, and not be satisfied. We will work with you to make sure what you are looking for comes to reality. You should love your fireplace feature! The warmth and ambiance naturally pulls people in. Our team has options and creative solutions to ensure you are satisfied with your functional and long lasting fireplace.

You may be thinking that this is going to cost you an arm and a leg! We have good news–it wont! Granted, all of this depends on the size and material of the project. But we promise to do our very best to keep things as budget friendly as we can. There are many creative ways to make this cost efficient. For example, depending on the condition of the existing masonry, sometimes it is possible to utilize stone or brick veneers keeping the face of the wall from sticking out unnaturally. Our goal is to ensure that you feel like the installation has a natural fit and that you choose to spend your time there.


Lets do this!