Tacoma, WA Flatwork & Pavers


Flatwork is commonly used as a blanket term for anything that is a flat form of construction. This could mean pavers, slabs, sidewalks, patios, or driveways

Your driveway is by far your most important area of flatwork due to its constant use of heavy loads such as cars, trucks, RVs and more. When we notice cracks in driveways we know that something wasn’t done quite right underneath the pavers or whichever material was used for the driveway. When we install the slabs, they are supported by compacted earth and gravel base which sometimes need to have drip systems installed. Our team determines the location success rates of your potential driveway due to soil moisture. At times, we may not recommend drainage paths to avoid soil voids beneath your driveway which inevitably cracks under normal life usage. This and more is what we look into when installing a driveway. 

Pavers have become the most popular alternative to concrete flatwork often due to possible variety and styles, but more importantly due to its added strength under tension by an impressive amount. When looking to add to the curb appeal for your home, pavers will be recommended every time. The variety exists in texture, size, shapes, styles, patterns and now even colors. Staining is long lasting as it’s actually embedded throughout the stone whereas a concrete colored is only surface based and can wear down quickly. The most popular choices of paver stone include slate, granite, travertine or sandstone. Call or fill out the form now and we would love to discuss your dreams! 


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