Tacoma, Wa Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are an excellent tool in a homeowners belt for grade changes in your landscaping or gardens as well as a method to increase usable space for patios and terraces.

Using stone or brick frees up the design styles to be essentially limitless. Curves, serpentine, circular, straight, short, and tall; it can all be done. One thing we make sure to do is to  design your retaining wall to match the overall tone of your home and the surrounding natural elements of Renton, WA. The stones are all interlocking, giving the structure a tremendous amount of strength and durability. Contrary to popular belief, these walls tend to be extremely technique sensitive and best left to experienced masons. Improper drainage issues and compaction tend to be the most common reasons for failure in retaining walls when done by someone who isn’t a professional. For both of these issues we have found experience to be the best instructor!

Not solely meant for retaining walls but also available to utilize in planters, terraced gardens, steps, column or seating wall features as well as detailed fireplaces, water features, or bar tables. Allow us to help you create your one-of-a-kind outdoor space.


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